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My Philosophy

At Tiger Hill Acupuncture I believe that health is about the whole person. Symptoms are a welcome message that help us tune into the body's own healing abilities. After a session you may find that you have more energy, less stress, and sleep better. Treating a whole person instead of just symptoms also means that every session is individualized. Different individuals with more or less the same health problem may get different treatments. This is because acupuncture and biomagnetic pair therapy treats the root cause of disease, not just its symptoms. By treating the root cause of disease there are long lasting results. Conversely treating a symptom may help relieve the symptom for a while but once treatment stops the symptom may return if the root cause is not addressed. This is especially important for the many chronic diseases that affect our modern world.

My primary treatment method is acupuncture but I also incorporate heat therapy, as well as nutrition and lifestyle counseling, all of which fall under the heading of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In addition, the powerful therapy of biomagnetics can promote health and healing in a profound and simple way. These various methods can combine to create a very powerful change in a person's health.

Regardless of your health concerns, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should not wait to take care of yourself. The quicker a problem is dealt with the easier and faster it can be fixed. Call Tiger Hill Acupuncture today at (918) 352-3264 to find out more and being your journey to good health.

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